Oyé Africa 2015 part.1

Liverpool is never asleep. Really. And in last couple of weeks it was really cool. They made a plan and program for every weekend so people can have loads of fun. And I sure did. This weekend there is an African festival and I loved every bit of it. Got to be there for a bit first day and will enjoy it even more tomorrow.

I kept my outfit airy and comfy. Primark trainers, Esmara leggings, Cameiau top, Second hand blouse and jacket, The Blogger Programme tote bag and my NEW LOOK sunnies. I also did a cool hairstyle where I did two french braids along my scalp and then made a up-do out of them at the bottom. That was terrible explanation wasn´t it?
  Until next time (tomorrow) keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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