OOTD: Back to basics

Sometimes the only thing you need to do is back to your basics. Back tot he main point. And it is the same in the way we dress. Sometimes we so over complicate things. I am expert in over complicating things. Trust me. I often try to put an outfit together and suddenly I realize I look like a clown cause I am trying to create more things at the same time. That is a moment when you need to go back. Put some basic pieces together and you´d see you feel better then ever.

What I consider basics or essentials in my wardrobe that I go for whenever I get to already mentioned situation are well fitted jeans. You know the ones you bought such a long time ago and for some reason they fit you like a glove and still look new. Simple black blazer. For any occasion and any style of outfit. Simple and versatile shirt. For me it is usually striped shirt. Stripes add a bit different depth and soul to an outfit. I think it usually looks more put together. Then accessories with statement but simple necklace. Oh and don´t forget to walk in your basic pumps. These pieces are something I always have to have with me.
BIALU necklace, F&F shirt, PRIMARK blazer
F&F jeans, PRIMARK pumps
 What are your basics? What are the pieces you know you can´t live without?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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