OOTD: #Cold

"My butts freezing" , " I have water-y eyes", " I can´t feel my hands!". Those are a few of the tousands phrases we used yesterday whilst taking photos for this post. It was my last night in Slovakia so we (me and my girl Timi) decided to go out and spend some time together. Of course we had no idea it would be soo cold.

It is pretty normal for us to do a unexpected and spontaneous photoshoot just because. Who doesn´t do that ahha. I wore my F&F jeans since they are the only jeans I brought with me, My Cropp Town shirt, H&M blanket styled cardigan, Primark coat and shoe. The sacrf is almost vintage. It was my moms when she was my age. Bag IS vintage. It is by Brick´s and I found it in my local second hand for 1€ which is great since it is a real cow lether.
 Well.... I guess I ain´t need to say much. I mean, we should not be allowed to be alone in the world aha. But you can see that clearly enough at these photos right?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest,
DeniVev :*

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