I missed you ´Pool!

A month away from UK was nice! I have spent time with my homies and my family. It was all sooo calming and homie, but YES I did miss Liverpool! That big city life! Not like I would be out every weekend and partying, but it is still nice to know that when you go out on Sunday afternoon there will be people in the city center. Or anywhere! When you go out in my hometown, especially on Sunday afternoon, you will meet like three people?! And you will know ALL of them!

And do I have to even mention the architecture?! I went into the city center the other day and Oh my! How I missed that. I am a big lover of any interesting architecture- you have probably already realized that- but there is something about those old buildings that make me think. I always fantasies about who used to live in them, what the houses used to be for, what it would be like to live in them.... There is just a lot on my mind.
 I also realized I haven´t done a pic of the typical British telephone box yet! I couldn´t believe myself! A lot of my friends would actually make fun of me for it, since I take a photo of everything and this phone box is like the first think everyone takes a photo of after coming to UK! Isn´t it?!
Oh and another think I really like here in Liverpool are those shopping centers/malls. They are totally different then what any of you is used to. There isn´t one traditional mall under roof or so. You have one big shopping street, shopping center under opened sky or just a few shops in old buildings that have the same name.
 I just thought I´ll share these few thoughts I had on my mind since I came back to my UK home. I wrote a few posts ago that I want to do so every now and then sooo... here you go ;)
Thank you for listening (reading) of my rumbles.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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