Be Brave, Be Feminine, Be You

Even though baggy and over sized clothes are super in and comfortable, I still like to put a real feminine touch to the outfits. That is what Amor Stylez is perfect for! 
I found this online store a few weeks ago and ever since then  I keep going back and checking their offer. Their style is (for the usual me) braver then anything you can find in TopShop, New Look or wherever you normally shop. And to be honest their dresses and gowns would be perfect attire for Valentines Day date you might be planning with your boo. 

I also had a chance to talk to a founder of this brand and thought I have to share my found. 
"We wanted to maintain the concepts of Trendy, Chic and Sexy for all women."
That is exactly what it is. And the best part about Amor Stylez is that no matter what size or shape you are their models would look good on you. 
Amor Stylez is still a pretty new store and brand. Gregory Williams and Ikea Green started their fashion business in August 2014. That is probably a reason why there are still only a few design for you to choose from. But do not worry guys! I have an inside information that there are more coming this summer. Get yourself prepared for body suits and joggers that I am sure would be to die for. 
This red gown is my absolutely fav. I can sooo see myself rocking it for a night out or even for a summer date or something. The material looks qualite which is always a plus, right?!
In case I still didn´t give you enough reasons to visit http://www.amorstylez.bigcartel.com/ then keep on reading. 
I am one of those who believe in less is more and so it is with dresses that I like. I always either show of my legs or my decolletage. Never both. Well yeah, the red gown is really an exception. ahah
You can find here pieces with vibrant colors or patterns so if you are looking for something that would bright up your closet this spring - like myself- check them out. 
In this post I showed you four of my favorite pieces. Now it is your turn ;) Go over to AmorStylez website and let me know in the comments below which style is your pick.

I hope I can count on you and until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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