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Today I have made yet another post full of photos that inspire me. Why?!
We have just started something NEW! We have opened a blank page and started with writing of a new chapter in our life. For some of us it might be a completely different book and story. But for all that most of us need something to kick them. Especially if we want our story to end with a happy ending or at least with us being happy. Seeing a realistic image of what we want is usually a good start. Makes us want something real bad and work for that. 

These days I am in a life position where I finally know what I want and I even know how to get there. Now I need to wake up, start being productive and work my ass of to get my happy ending. What is making me wanna go?! Everything and everyone around me. When I see something pretty, either a place I want to travel to or a piece of clothing, I want it and for that I need to work, study and do all that stuff so I can have it all. When I see a good looking food I need to work on my cooking skills to be as good of a "chef" to make it myself. EVERYTHING around me inspires me to be better ME and do anything I can to have all that in my life.
To be honest with you, I think we all think this way. We see something pretty and we want it. That is part who we are and who humans has always been after all, isn´t it?! I think that if we actually didn´t get this visual version (via media mostly) of things we can have in our life we would never have enough motivation to do something with our life.
Do you understand what I mean?! I started doing these kind of posts just to share pictures I liked, or make-up, hairstyle or outfits that I wish I wore, but now I feel like my reasons have moved somewhere deeper.
I guess I want to motivate and inspire myself AND others to see what they want from life, see where they want to be and make all of us work for that. I know it is too much for me to want from a few pictures and I might have went tooo deep in my thoughts here, but oh well. It is beginning of a year and we all think we can conquer a world and even do the impossible sooo let´s do so.
These are a few things that I liked in last couple of weeks and I got inspired to do as well. I told myself that I will never make a New Years resolutions! All I want this year for myself is to be happy about the way I look and be happier in general with everything I do and go through. Experience things I never thought I would, travel, study and experiment with whole load of things. New food, hairstyles, fashion trends. Stop being scared of what others think. And These beauties should help me kick myself and do so.
 What do you think?! Have I gone too deep? Am I expecting too much? What are your thought about us wanting it all and not being sure how to get it. Have you set yourself any goals for this year?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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