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Having troubles is something we all go through. Obviously. What is life without a few problems and complications. Well lately I have been having troubles with writing my blog posts. I have finally made a design and style for my blog that I am happy with (we´ll see how long that will last since we all know that I get bored of everything real quick) and I wanted to go full power with my posts and suddenly, I don´t know what to write about.

When it comes to beauty reviews I have nothing to talk about because now that Christmas is right around the corner I am trying not to buy anything but presents and also you ain´t want to buy yourself stuff and make it harder for others to surprise you on Christmas. So that topic is off. I thought of doing a few hair photo tutorials but my camera is terrible and it is hard to take photos on your own so again - problems.

And what about fashion?! Well as you could see in my last two OOTD posts I got stuck in wearing the same pieces lately so there is nothing fun going on in my outfits right now and I am not one of those who would be putting fun outfits together just for taking photos. I like to share here outfits I actually wear and like, sooooo. That was hard for me to do now.

But I don´t want this post to be just rumbling about how terrible my blogging is now. I just wanted to make a post about something and I had no idea what about.  So I thought I´ll put these few words down for you and in case there will be less fashion and less beauty on my blog in next few days/weeks you will now know why.

For now I found a few photos from this time last year for you to check, since I know I have a lot of new readers and I like to share my happy and cool moments from life. I created this little recap of what happened last winter so I hope you´ll like it a bit more then my first few words. :)

First things first, November 29th was so far the best night of my life. It was a night that I had my PROM or some may call it a green ribbon ceremony. I had a lot of fun and even though I seemed to be the most stressed out person in the world I had been enjoying every single minute of that stress and adrenalin that I had in my blood.
Last year at this time I had been enjoying the sunset wherever I was. I had the perfect view from the window of my room or I had always spent time with my friends outside and we had a luck for catching the best sunsets through fall/winter. This year all I can see from my window are my neighbors passing by my window and their cars being parked on our path. Don´t get me wrong, living in a big city is great and I have a lot of opportunities that I could only dream off back in my hometown but I do miss those little things and moments.
 It got cold here in the UK just in these last probably three days. At least here in Liverpool. And that actually made me happy. I might be saying I am freezing and I might be angry about it but you have to remember that I am actually enjoying it. I am more of a winter person then summer one. I love going for freezing cold walks, having talks with friends or family about everything but nothing at the same time and then ending in a cafe or tea place.
I have also baked. A LOT! Every year for last five or four years I make gingerbread houses,slays, trees, or anything that I can. Also we used to have Christmas markets at school where we would be selling anything that student make so I baked again. And then I just like to bake so I did. This year I am still just about to start but it won´t be as crazy as it was last year since there won´t be that much time. 
 I also cut my hair. Twice in December. Once at the beginning right after my prom and then on 23rd of December. I do have an appointment for a hairdresser this year right before Christmas as well so nothing new here :D
 Whilst I had long hair I did a few experiments with hair chalk though. This is the craziest look I went for. I felt like a rainbow unicorn / my little pony in one. Which is probably the best feeling ever ahah.
Every year we went to Wien for Christmas markets from school and that is what I did a year ago. That was actually the best school trip we had I guess. This won´t repeat this year but maybe next year I´ll go.
We were tired....
 They were excited....
We drank a loooot of this...
 I actually bought these on this trip....
And after that a time for gift wrapping came. That was actually like a week before Christmas or maybe just a few days before. This year I already have everything bought and wrapped. Well except for my dads present that I still didn´t even come up with what it would be. It is sooo hard to get present for this man.
Oh and she played a lot for me. My friend Rebeka is a pianist and she loves to play for me so I can tell her what I think and that is what was happening every time I came over to here house. This photo was actually taken at a Christmas party we had with my group at music school bu t it does sums up what we did.
And I guess that I will finish it of with last festive photo. Well I mean there are still festive photos to come but I think this post is getting really long now sooo... last pic for today... This is what I do every year. Play around on the balcony and hope that everything will stay on its place at least till 24th.

Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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