1 year, 1923 views , 75 videos

There is nothing better then realizing that you are on YouTube for EXACTLY a year. 
Well yeah I was on youtube for years now but as I explained on my channel in many videos before I have always canceled my channels and deleted all the videos but this time I haven´t. I decided to celebrate my YouTube birthday on a day when my first video that you can find on my channel was uploaded and I totally forgot that 5 of December is the day. 
Well ... I can´t explain how I really feel. I can only say that this year was super fun, full of changes and I am really happy that my videos were kind of mapping that time of my life when I went through the biggest life changes and I have it all on my channel. 

my first tutorial
my first vlog

So here is to next couple of successful years and lot more to come. 
DeniVev :* 

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