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The weather outside is frightful.... Or not. And that is actually making me sad. In case you have seen my Vlogmas day 1 I said there that I want to freeze now that it is December. But I am not. I am actually a bit warmer these days then I was for last few days of November. Which means that I still get to wear skirts and dresses without getting my butt freezed.

 I have met up with Frances the other day and we had a little Christmassy evening in the city. First we went for a festive hot drink, a bit of gift shopping and then we headed to Christmas markets to make a few preeetty photos. We had really nice time just hanging with each other. As always anyways. Oh and whilst we were at Starbucks they were giving us free samples of their super taste muffins. That was so kind of them and in case you are thinking of going for one DO try a chocolate-cherry muffin. It is bloody delicious.
At first I didn´t really like these markets because there is basically nothing really British here but then I thought about it. Liverpool is a city of all the nations these days. When you walk around you will hear maybe 60 percent of people who are not Brits. So the fact that there are Polish, French, Slovak, Hungarian, Indian etc meals being sold is pretty logical. And nice to be honest as well. This way everyone can feel like they are at home where they belong ahah. For example on the photo below I am standing by a Slovak stand where they sell traditional Slovak wooden things. That made me feel really welcomed and kind of special too.
 You have seen this hot pink necklace on me a few times before. I guess it is obvious I like it then. It might be one of my fav purchases in last few months since I got it at Forever21 for 99p. Amazing deal. This necklace is a perfect piece for my closet. I always use it to bring a bit of color to my outfits since I always wear something basic and monochrome.
A little bit about tights. I hear about Primark tights for years before I got one pair for myself. NOW I know what all that fuss was about. They really are amazing. Super cheap too. I got these in September for about 2 pounds (I am not totally sure now) and they are their 80s. Perfect thickness because I am not cold now that it is winter time but I wasn´t too warm through September either. So if you are able to get your hands on them DO.
I tried to experiment with my top+skirt combinations lately and I started wearing longer tops or pullovers over dress or skirts. I like that girly look it gives you. It seems pretty retro-y to me and thats I guess what I like about it. Here I wore my year old H&M shirt I got last Christmas and my Primark skater skirt dress I got for 3 pounds. Really easy and comfy outfit for everyday wear.
I don´t think there is need for me to talk about this coat and scarf anymore since I already talked about them A LOT. Is that right?! ahha
This bag became my everyday bag since I got it from Primark. At first I bought it just to bring a bit of color to my outfits since I only own black bags and then canvas totes. I wanted something fancy but still casual enough to through it over my shoulder when I go grocery shopping. I think I did good. 

In case you would like to see me sad about not freezing just check this video and there will be one from the Christmas markets on my channel in a bit too. 
And that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this a bit different style of OOTD . I usually just write what I wear and where it is from but I thought this "let me take you through every piece" way would be nice change. 
Thank you for reading and DO stop by next time.
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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