Merry and Bright

I guess I was just a really good girl this year because I had one of the nicest Christmas Eves. Delicious meal, beautiful family, a lot of laughter and incredible presents. I did feel a bit old whilst opening my gifts, because I got home ware, cooking and baking things, super expensive perfumes and some clothes. Doesn´t it make me seem oooold ?! ahah. Oh and my loved once seemed really happy with gifts I gave them this year as well which made the whole evening even better.

It became my tradition to wear a H&M silver glittery mini skirt since I had it on for third year now. It is just that this time a paired it with white top. Then instead of a lot of jewelry I added my DIY headband. Simple but festive.
 What did you like the most about your Christmas?! Did Santa surprise you ?!
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest !
DeniVev :*

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