Christmas in 21st Century aka Internet Favs

Let´s face it and be honest with each other. As much as we want to spend the time through Christmas holidays with our friends and family, chill down, relax and enjoy the great meal, we will end up in a food coma lying down in the bed or on the floor (that is optional) on  our notebooks, phones or pads. Sad but true. We really are a different generation and I did try to get away from the technology last year but NO success. That is why I thought of making a list of my Internet Favorites which includes bloggers, youtubers, vloggers and some websites that I have been on for last couple of years through this season and definitely will be this year as well.

First of all as a blogger I have to mention my all time favorite bloggers. These aren´t just any bloggers. These are the once I am getting back to and reading for the longest time and no matter what changes they have been through or I have been  I always enjoyed them.

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse
This lady was one of my very first blogs that I have been reading back in 2008. First time I clicked on Rebecca´s blog she was in her beginning 20s  and had an incredible vintage style that was inspiring for me and really affordable. I spent a lot of my free time reading her posts - that is one of the sources where I learnt the language.She still has that nice retro style that she combines with modern and new pieces. Rebecca shares all her outfits that perfectly reflect her style and then photographies or drawings that she likes.
Valentine from HelloItsValentine
I have already wrote about this Parisian girl before so you already know I like her and her blog. Her photos makes me wanna jump on the airplane and travel to Paris or anywhere she goes. And her style. Oh my! I can´t even explain how much I wish I had her closet. I read this beauties blog for probably three years now and I can´t imagine a reason to stop.
Chiara from TheBlondeSalad
Chiara Ferragni is probably the most famous blogger in the world and every blogger dreams to be her one day. Yeah to be honest I do too. Writing for basically everyone, posing for world known photographers, having my own fashion collection etc. ?! Hell yeah I want that ahah.  I remember reading her blog when she was blogging on her own and only help she had were her friends who took her photos.
Adam from IamGalla
Adam Gallagher is the first male blogger that I ever adored. Seeing a man with a great style that isn´t ashamed of loving fashion and trying to look his best was so nice and fresh back in a day. Today he travels the world and goes to events that any other guys could only dream of. Support him for years and will continue doing so.
I think that for four years now there is this vlogging concept over on YouTube called Vlogmas. Yeah that is what I am trying to do this year  ahah. Basically you are doing vlogs (video blogs) every day in December till Christmas. Some continue till the end of a month but that is totally their decision. And there are a few vloggers that I LOVE to watch Vlogmas videos of.
First is definitely a founder of Vlogmas and that is Ingrid Nilsen from MissGlamorazzi and TheGridMonster. I have started watching her videos back in 2010 I guess when she had maybe 10 videos up and I was slowly falling in live with her vids. Then she started making vlogs and I was all about them. Loving her ever since!
Then one of my all time fav youtubers and Ingrid good friend does these vlogs as well and I am just as obsessed as about Ingrids once. Fleur from FleurDeForce and FleurDeVlog . She gives me a lot of inspiration and her dogs are suuuper duper cute.
Another American youtuber that I love especially this season is Elle Fowler from AllThatGlitters 21 and EllesGlitterGossip. She did vlogmas for last to years and I love to see how she celebrates Christmas with her big family in Nashville. Makes me wanna have a big family with loads of pets in a biiiig house ahah.
I have to add in Sammi from Beauty Crush. She is another of my fav youtubers and also bloggers and her vlogmas vids makes me laugh for more years now as well. Her dog is one of my dream dogs and seeing all that food she puts into her vlogs makes me super hungry.
And this section would not be complete without a male vlogger which is Jim Chappman. Love his videos and seeing his vlogmas every year makes me adore him a bit more. Funny guy full of different advises. It is nice to watch a bit different videos that are entertaining but not full of those girly stuff.

In case you are not a fan of youtube (I have no idea how that is possible) but you like getting different inspirations or you are just looking for some DIY projects, recipes or anything else DO try a pinterest or tumblr this year. I always spend hours repinning and reblogging pictures and I can´t just stop. Mine are www.denivev.tumblr.com and www.pinterest.com/denivevsfashion/ .

Dick the dirt and tell me what are your fav websites/blogs or youtube channels for Christmas holidays?! What gets you into a festive spirit?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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