DIY: Christmas Decor

Hello loves! Are you low on a budget? Do you just feel crafty? Or do you need something simple to make with your siblings/kids/any little once ?! Well I got you covered with a few super easy and CHEAP ways to decorate your room/house.

Do you still want more?! No worries! I did a huge research and made a pick of a few DIY tutorials that  are easy to follow. 
 And these are a few video tutorials from a few of my fav DIY youtubers that I am definitely going to do this season so feel free to get inspired too.
And there is obviously a lot more that you can do so feel free to leave a comment below saying what you are making yourself this year or share with us on my facebook page.
Come back next time as well cause there is more DIY christmas stuff coming soon.
Until next time... keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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