Solo Friday

We all need to have some "me" time every now and then. I had been solo for a long time now since I live in a new country where I ain´t no many people yet, but I decided to have that REAL "me" time this Friday. After being sick for a week I wanted to go out and do everything I love. So I did. And we all should do something like that.

I wanted to buy some jeans and a few bits and pieces for myself so I went to Primark, h&m..... I also popped into Kurt Geiger (for the first time) and I felt in LOVE with two pairs of shoes that I HAVE to have :D Then I sat into Central Perk and had my favorite drink - Chai Latte. They even gave me some whipped cream ans marshmallows. It was really nice to just sit in a cafe, watch Friends and read a book. So relaxing and I didn´t think about anything else then about that chilled feeling I had. No problems or difficulties on my mind. Then I wandered around city center and realized that there is now way of getting lost which I am really happy about :D And as a perfect dot it started to rain. Which many of you would be mad about but I do enjoy a walk in the rain every now and then so I really didn´t rush anywhere.
 (In case you´d like to see a vlog from this perfect day - CLICK HERE)
DeniVev :*

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