My Fav Models n.2

Hello loves!
Some time ago I did a post about my favourite models since they are obviously A HUGE part of fashion industry and you all seemed to like it. And ever since then I found a lot of new faces or I felt in love with some that are famous for some time now.
Today I want to mention female but also male models. So I guess I´ll just go for it straight away.

Cara Delevingne - I mentioned C before and I simply couldn´t left her out of this one either. Funny, weird, quirky and so beautiful. She is becoming a huge super model/star and everyone seems to love her. What I adore most about her is that she is enjoying life and making the most out of it. And so we all should do. That is what inspire me about her. 
 Chloe Moretz - New girl here! Chloe is a model and actress. She is more known for her movies but for me she is an angel. Stunning blonde girl with unique face and I could actually listen to her talk all day long. There is something so soft about her voice...
 Doutzen Kroes - Oh dear Doutzen! Just look at her. I am a huge fan of nice full -but natural- lips and she surely has them. That is I guess what makes her-her! And isn´t she just super hot ?! I definitely would love to have her look. 
 Gisele Bundchen - She is perfect example of how beautiful can mature woman be. And her being madam Chanel is huge thing!  She has this natural glow that I love! Oh and her cheekbones... do I have to talk about those!?!?!
 Karlie Kloss - Taylor Swift´s bestie is probably everyone´s bestie ahah. Sweet and chic girl that looks so innocent even in underwear walking on Victoria´s Secret show. This babe is actually one of my short hair inspirations.
 Suki Waterhouse - Perfect combination of blonde hair, brown eyes and full lips. Oh did I mention BROWN eyes?! Great face impressions .... she has that next door girl look. Girl crush alert!!!
Goncalo Teixera- I don´t even know what to say about this pal. Hot bearded guy that has a real rich badass look. Oh and sometimes there is something super sexy about a guy that smokes and this man DOES it right!!!
  Lucas Gil- Clean in the water or covered in dirt. It does NOT matter. Great Johny Depp-ish material. And I am sure I am not the only woman that could look at him smile and laugh all day long. Oh wow...
 Matt Merrell- No matter what he wears or which way he looks he is goodness-ly great! I would actually marry him in that hat. 
 Nick Bateman - I watched this man for a while now and I still can´t get over him. I hear him say that he became model kind of by accident and thank of his friends. He was doing his martial arts thing at the competition. There was a model agency right next to competition hall and he went for audition just for fun and they obviously LOVED him. Who wouldn´t?! 
 Victor Ross- It is not only his smile (and bottom) that I was astonished by. This kind of guy is totally unusual type these days and that makes him even more special!
DO you agree with my list?! Are there any other models (male or female) that are totally worth giving a look?! Let me know!
Until next time.... keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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