October ´Do

Hello loves!
Am I the only one who likes to update her do as soon as the season changes?! I bet I am not.
Well I did so last weekend and I am loving it. I went darker with my hair and I have a ombre effect as well which is basically my fav. hairstyle ever so I am mooore then happy with the final result .

 I wanted to achieve brown color with some of my blonde strands in it and lighter ends. I took inspo from these ladies and I kind of combined their hair together to create what I have now. 
My process was really simple actually. I bought a brown hair dye at Superdrug and it was actually Superdrug dye COLOUR PERFORMANCE in 6.34 Natural golden/copper brown. Then since I had that blonde base already I only applied dye to the roots of my hair and worked my way to the ends of my strands and I tried to apply less and less color as I was getting to the end. So I created that ombre effect. I usually applied dye till half of my strands and then used my hands (with gloves) to spread some extra dye to the rest of it. And as I was doing that I was twisting the hair a bit so it all looks natural at the end and so the brown nicely blends with blonde. That is what hair dressers usually do too. As I was done with whole head I clipped my hair up so I don´t mess anything for the next 30 minutes. Then just washed them, conditioned them and let them dry out.
My first thoughts were: "Oh my god! That is sooo dark. I´ll buy lightener and do some more blonde into it. I didn´t want it this dark"..... But now I love it. It is sooo pretty.
 What do you think? Should I do it a bit lighter? Is it good this way? Are YOU going to bring that fall into your hair?

Until next time... keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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