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Hello beautiful sunny faces!
Long time no see right?! I have been trying to prepare a cool post for you for a few days and I wanted to come up with something extra. I had no idea what to write about. Then I realized that I am spending A LOT of time on tumblr, pinterest, ikea pages or also H&M home pages looking for interior decor and for different ways to make the space you live in nicer and cozier. That is how I got the idea of making this post where I´ll share a few of photos, videos and pages that inspire me, since I am kind of in the middle of making my place more ... ME :D

I love architecture in general and interior design has always fascinated me. At some point I also wanted to study a interior design so I can make a living out of it. In case you are my reader for some time now you probably remember that I did a few interior inspo posts for you in the past so this is NOT a new topic. But this time I want to do it a bit more "professionally" and fully. SO let´s go.

First of all, there are a few pics I found on internet that summarize my style and what I like the most. Lately I have been into nice neutral colors combined with warmer and darker tones of grey, blue, purple and brown. I like to play with textures and materials. Another thing that I am obsessed with are mirrors. And it is not because I would like to look at myself or anything like that- in fact I was trying to avoid them lately ahha- it is because they open up the space and make every little room look like a huge ball hall.
 Natural light is also a big bonus for me. That is why these huge windows bringing all the day light in make me so happy. I have almost full length windows in my room as well so I am like almost the happiest girl in the world ahha.
 You know my feelings to brick walls. I am into them in the exterior and I love them even more inside. The mixture of bricks and wood make home feel rustic and industrial at the same time which is perfect combo for me. I don´t have a brick walls inside my house but the wooden floor brings a great potential.
I personalize everything and we all know how much I love photography. That means that photos and frames are a huge must have. Adding a few photos of your friends and family is a cute touch but then having a few inspirational quotes and pictures framed as well is trendy thing these days. I personally am obsessed with it. SO obsessed I am scared that there would be no clear wall soon. 
 I am really into opened space. Joined kitchen with living room is heaven. You can see everything and everyone but at the same time you have everything nicely separated.
Adding something green is essential. Not only that plants make an oxygen that is more then useful but also they add a home-y and cozy feeling. In case you are not a fan of plants or you are like me and you always forget to water them and just take care of them don´t worry! There are many plants out there that need just a minimum of attention.  For example I had a Lucky bamboo for over two years and all I had to do was change its water at least once a month. Ideal would be once a week I guess but still I had it alive for two years sooo... Another once that are famous for all the lazypants are mother-in-law´s tongue, cactus and peace Lily. Aloe Vera is also pretty easy to take care of. 

Do you feel like all this is going to take A LOT of money out of your wallet?! Don´t worry! There are plenty of decorations you can make yourself for a little penny. It can be as simple as drawing a bed- header instead of buying one or creating a sofa out of old palettes.

 You feel like you are not artistic enough?! Don´t you dare having a professional paint your walls. They will just ask a ridiculous amount of money for doing something that a cheap wallpaper can do for you. The other day I have been to BQ and I found rolls of wallpaper long about 30 meters for 12 pounds. And they were so cool! You can have brick walls, Marilyn Monroe, book shelves or even nature panoramas.

Then there is this trend now and that is a see through furniture. I love the clear and polished look that it adds and it is nice modern detail to rustic and vintage feel that I like so much. What this kind of furniture does to the room is that it makes it look bigger and look like there is really not that many stuff in there. Since you can see through the furniture it feels like there isn´t anything there.
 You can find these pieces probably anywhere these days since they are becoming so popular but they can be pretty expensive. That is why I like IKEA TOBIAS chairs so much. They are clear and comfortable. Pricier then I would like but I didn´t find cheaper ones yet.

 And after all that it is time for those little details. For the decorations that might be expensive as well but not if you do a bit of crafty work. There are many videos on youtube that show you how easy it is to make something cute and usually practical as well. There are a few I liked....
I really like the idea of having a chalk board in my room to make a few notes or write quotes to cheer me up and this tutorial shows how easy it actually is to create such a useful beauty. And I think that every girly girl/woman loves a good candle or candle holder. Well I have to admit that I felt in love with this lace-y flower-y ones.
In this one that Aspyn did you can see how easy it is to buy something cheap and repaint or respray it however you want it to look. Also In case you can´t paint or use wallpaper in your house/ flat (you are renting it) you can use this cute method of sticking a photos or rubbins on to your wall. They don´t do a lot of damage but they do add something extra to the room.

Also creating something unique can be easier then you think. I personally love how this table turned out. It adds something personal to your home and you can be sure that non of your friends will come over and say "oh I have the same table" .

I love adding different lights and lanterns to the interior. And I also love retro and vintage things. So this Marquee Arrow light is THE perfect DIY for me. It adds something retro- y to your room and also works as a nice light. sooo....

And there is A LOT more that I could talk about to you guys, but I am not sure how many of you made it all the way here to the end of todays post. If you did thank you! I really appreciate it.
In case you would like me to do any other interior design/decor posts just let me know and I´ll make sure I do.
Thank you for reading
Have a nice day and weekend.
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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