OOTD: That Parisian inside me

You know those days when you want to feel comfy but at the same time you want to channel that inner chic Parisian woman that is somewhere in you?! I had that kinda day a few times this week and that is when I put my Primark pants on (the best 10 pounds I spent this month) add some stripes, something red and something that looks like Chanel. And "voila" you are perfect.
 PRIMARK pants
THRIFTED Denim Jacket
GATE kitty flats
GATE plastic bag
BIALU necklace

 What do you wear when you are feeling chic? Who do you get inspiration from?! Are there any French bloggers you know?! I am obsessed with HelloItsValentine. Such a cute and chic woman.
And that is it so I hope you liked todays outfit and until next time...
Keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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