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Hello beautiful faces!

I have been having some troubles with my anxiety lately. Nothing too bad luckily but still it effected my life and made me feel uncomfortable in many social situations.  I know there are many people who have the same issues. And I thought that it is time to stand up and talk a bit about this topic. I think that people are so confused about this anxious feeling and they don´t know what is happening to them that they keep it inside them and try to get through this on their own.
I am so happy that there are people like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr who share their anxiety experiences and tricks how to get through panic attacks over on youtube. They have been helping me a lot recently.

 I never knew that I am one of those people who have anxiety and I never thought that the weird feeling I have every now and then is actually a problem. A few months ago I read an article about this topic and I have started really understanding what Zoe and Tanya are going through and that is when I realized that my confused, panic-y and sick feeling has a name. It was that graduation time that made me feel unsure and scared. Ever since then I have been getting a little shivers and butterflies in my tummy for no reason. I know now that it is a little anxiety that I am going through.
But I have been trying so many different ways to get through it without any huge troubles and I have a few thinks that actually help me. One of them is going for a nice relaxing walk. Walking in general is my top activity when I feel sad or panic-y. Being on air helps with your breathing and calming down and the physical activity helps to pump your blood so you don´t feel sick or anything like that. I personally am feeling even worst when there is a lot of people around me so I like to walk to places where I can be basically on my own with my thoughts, heart beat and breath. That is when living near to park helps. Greenery has also nice and calming effect on me so in case you will ever feel anxious and nothing else helps then try to go for a walk like that.
I had a little harsh time the other day so I went for a walk into one park near my house and I calmed down almost immediately. This time I didn´t go through a real anxiety or panic attack but I knew that if I don´t do something with myself and if I stay at home it will come because I was having bad thoughts on my mind that always lead to panic attack. So I got nicely dressed as quick as possible and got out!
Seeing those happy people in the park brought smile on my face. And those cute little dogs and puppies that were running around brought totally different thoughts into my head which I was super happy about.
 Normally -means if I wasn´t getting sick- I would join all the runners that were having a nice work out in the park. In this case I just had a little photoshoot which also cheered me up. Oh and how amazing it is that those leaves are finally turning orange, brown and red. Another happy thought.
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I didn´t want to make this post anyway depressing or anything like that! I wanted to share a bit of my life that I know a lot of people have common. After all we should help each other and if there is something I know that helps in situations like the ones I mentioned above I will share and try to help to others. Just as a lot of other people helped me.
And as last I want to challenge you to be happy! These days we are all trying to rush everything and do as much as possible which usually causes nerves and stress. SO let´s try to calm down our life and enjoy every little moment and every little thing that we never thought that would bring a smile to our face. Let´s visit place that make us happy! Let´s stop and breathe!

Until next time... keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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