New York and London at the same Time

How to get in touch with New York and London at the same time?! Simply! Buy them! Let me explain my cheesy joke.
I have purchased a Rimmel London Stay Matt compact powder and Maybelline New York Dream Sun bronzer and tried them out and felt in love. As simple as that.

I have desperately needed a new powder. In case you know me a bit you know that if I am happy with a product I use only that one until it is absolutely gone. That is what happened with my AVON flawless compact powder. I have used up every single dot and that obviously meant it is time to get something new. I work outside and since it is starting to be pretty sunny in Liverpool my face is getting a bit oily and shiny so when I saw Rimmel´s Stay Matt powder I knew I want to try it. Plus I heard so much about it !
Then I have tried a bit of contouring a week ago whilst having kind of a slumber party with one of my colleagues  and I really liked the way my face can change so I thought I would finally get a bronzer. Yes it is my first bronzer! What kind of a woman am I, right?!  I decided to go for Maybelline New York Dream Sun in Brunette. I don´t even know why I choose this one. Really I don´t but I am happy with it! It made me so excited for summer and my tanned skin!
The great thing about this duo is that it is amazing and it DOES NOT cost a lot! These two together were less then 10 pounds and they were so worth it! In case you are looking for products in drugstore I would recommend giving these a try. I was also pretty happy at the evening when I was removing my make-up and it was still there on my face even though I spent hours out sweating on the sun. NOTHING happened to my make-up!
Also the fact that this duo worked perfectly with my everyday make-up routine is more then perfect. I really love the combo of a bronzer with my fav blush from VEVAY blush palette. Soooo happy ahah.
 Interested in seeing my make-up routine using these two?! Will be over on my Youtube very shortly so keep or eye out for that!

What are your newest obsessions? Have you tried these before?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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  1. Deni, si nádherná kočka! A tvoja slovná hračka o Londýne a New Yorku ma dostala.