Chill and Party

So, ladies! I have been all serious and stuff on here lately but guess what?! I do have fun every now and then! I actually believe that you DO have to go out and party every now and then. Let yourself forget about any probz that mess your mind and be yourself. Let yourself go out there and have so much fun you ain´t feel like you can handle it anymore. That is what I did last Saturday and I loved every minute of it. 

Just to give you a little recommend, in case you live in Liverpool or in local area OR you will be passing by do visit Brooklyn Mixer on Seel Street! Amazing tunes, great selection of drinks and the vibe in general is absolutely amazing! Of course in case you are basicaly the only one there that is sober you see things a bit differently but still... I loved the place and I´ll defo come back soon. 
On the photos you can see me wear my everyday make-up that I just posted a video tutorial to youtube of plus I added my new obsession- RIMMEL lipstick in AS YOU WANT VICTORIA! I really am obsessed with the lipstick. I wear it every single day. 
 And I was actually dressed full on Primark+Forever21 basically ahah- My blazer is from Forever21, dress PRIMARK. I also added a necklace from SheInside that you saw already waaay too many times. 
I just really felt like sharing these few pics with you today. I really did liked what I looked like and I definitely felt confident and myself sooo....
Yeah! I guess that is it for today. I hope you liked this tiny little post. How was your weekend?
Did you party like an animal?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!

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