OOTD: Wednesday Fanciness

I love to dress up fancy. But fancy means something else in every once dictionary. For me fancy meant that I´d actually wear a dress or skirt or anything a bit girlier lately. I wore a lot of leggings and jeans these days so the fact that I´ ve put a skirt on AND three days in a row was a holiday! That is why I thought I´d share this causal but still fancy outfit with my blogger loves.
 I have been loving tartan for some time now as you all now! And I finally found the perfect scarf for all of my outfits. I got it at Primark for 6 pounds and it is reversible so you have slightly different print on the other side. It is one of those big blanky kinds and it is sooo super warm. Ever since I bought this scarf there were maybe two outfits that were missing this lovely piece.  And all the colours it has are the perfect colour scheme for my wardrobe, especially through autumn/winter.
 This kind of outfit is my safe uniform. You know that kind that you go for whenever you are in a rush or you are too lazy to come up with something new and original. You saw me wear this shirt about hundred times already but it is one of those basic pieces that can not miss from any woman´s closet.

What do you think about my outfit? Would you wear this? Oh and what about those cheeky socks in a boots that peak out a bit and add a bit of colour that this outfit needed? Are you into peaking socks? They keep your feet extra warm after all.
I hope you are having good week so far.
Until next time, Keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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