Festive Kiss

Dark Lips = My Obsession ! If you read my blog for a while now you know that. I like to try out different combinations of lipsticks I own and every now and then I come up with a shade I am in love with. Seriously! If there was a way I could marry to this lip colour...I would! I have been wearing these two together for a few weeks now and I had to make a whole post about it. I just had to!

I know that there is a lipstick by MAC and also by NARS in similar shade that I have created but they seem to be too expensive to me. And you know that if there is a cheaper way of getting what I want, I go for it. ahah
So combination of NYC Lipstain in Forever Mine Wine and Alverde Lip Pencil in 30 RED has been my essential lately. It makes that perfect fall/winter and festive ready colour. Plus I feel like it goes with my skin tone pretty nicely.
You can find both of these lip products in your local drugstores and you won´t pay more then 3 pounds for each. I personally found them both on sale and I paid 1 € for each. Isn´t that great?!

What are your favourite fall/winter lipsticks? Do you own maybe these lip products?
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest !
DeniVev :*

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