Long time no Instagrams

Instagram is an app that became one of the ways that we communicated together. I love to share some of my favourites, obsessions or even moments of my life with my friends and some of my readers. I am not going to get too deep on how I feel  about technologies and ways of our communication these days (maybe next time) cause all I wanted to do was share some of my Instagram photos from last couple of weeks (in case you ain´t follow DeniVev on instagram yet) .

In last couple of weeks I had been waking up (for me) really early on Tuesdays and Saturdays so I could get my butt to work. To be honest I have enjoyed it even though my face ain´t look like that on these pics. ahah
 It got much colder which means I can finally wear my beanies and cover that mess that is called "my hair" and I obviously had to rock my penguin PJs. Also the sky was incredibly beautiful lately. I would recommend every now and then stopping and looking up into the sky. Stop whatever you are doing and breath. Look around you and try to find a beauty in the smallest and random-est things on the street. You will be surprised how relaxing it can be giving yourself like 5 minutes of discovering. 
 I already shared my Bonfire night experience with you. It was soo good ahah. And as soon as Halloween and Bonfire night went by the city got Christmas crazy. I mean really crazy!
 In case you didn´t realize already , I have been dark lips crazy. Whenever I got myself out I wore any dark lips combo I have. Loving it!
 I also felt a bit nostalgic and shared a few of my old photos I randomly found on my computer and phone. And my friends know I have loooads of those. And You can actually see how much my hair had changed in last few years. I went from basicely black to almost ginger-blonde ombre to what I have today. WOW! I have been doodling and sketching lately as well. I mean why not?! Oh and I have been working on my blog too. As always ! :D 
I finally have my BFF blankie with me here in the UK! YAY! And from all th blogging and video editing I have been putting myself into - my eyes started to hate me! I had to take my badass glasses out and wear them. Oopsiee. Oh and last two photos are from today (24.11.2014). I got a surprise mail from The Blogger Programme. They sent me their canvas tote bag saying I am approved blogger. How cool is that?! And as last I have been really enjoying my AVON green with envy nail polish. Beautiful fall/winter dark green colour and it dries super quickly. Recommend trying out. 

And that is it for today loves! 
I hope you started your week well and Until next time Keep safe and live your life to the fullset!
DeniVev :*

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