Aloft Hotel Launch Party

Last night I had a chance to go for a Aloft Hotel Launch event with Frances  and we had the best time. It was a night full of music, free drinks, stylish people and fun. Oh and photo booth sessions. 
This party was kind of a last minute event in my schedule since Frances texted me like four hours before the party started and we had no idea if we should go or not. But then I though "Hm, music! I love music! I should try it.". And so we went and we were really glad we did. No really! We were SUPER glad we did!

First of all, as we got in my mind was blown away by the combination of old architecture and modern touches. Plus all those party lights made the building look absolutely amazing.

As soon as we had our welcome drink in the hand ( well I did anyways) we had a little stroll around the lobby and bar area. We found a photo booth which we were super excited about. A few minutes in this cute little creature came to us saying " I am sorry, I know this is awkward and totally random but I am here on my own and I saw you from the other side of the room so I thought I´ll ask if I could join you two." -or something like that. "I am Hollie. Are you bloggers?!" And that was it. My soul was sold ahah. Yeah we met GoodGollyMissHollie who we already met at COStyle but had no idea that actually happened. Then we jumped right into photo booth cabin and started the night full of fun and laughter.
Aloft Hotel teamed up with Sofar to make our night unique and totally different then what you would expect. Sofar are making a little intimate gigs in a flats or just rooms for a small groups of people keeping the whole experience super cosy and personal. I can´t even really describe my feelings and put the right words down because it really is just something you have to experience for yourself.
We had a chance to listen to super talented James Canty and if you know anything about my fav music style you know that his music is just my cup of tea. Loved every single song he sang for us. But yeah my absolute favourite was Putney bridge.
Total highlight of the night was probably listening to boys from JC & the two steps . Their selection of covers for a night was so wide but so cool when it came together. They sang songs from Beyonce through Bruno Mars and Johnny Cash all the way to Michael Jackson.
 Over all the night was super great and I would be more then happy to go to the event like this even every week. 
In case you would like to see a little overview of the night here is my vlog from last night:
I didn´t do any outfit photos since there will be a video "Get ready with me for a Night Out" coming in a day or so. DO keep your eyes on my youtube channel for that then.

Oh and we made it to Liverpool Echo magazine and on their video overview of the night. How cool is that ?! Watch it here

And Until next time, Keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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