#COStyle 2014

In a short-cut, Celebration of Style is a three day festival of style taking place in venues across Liverpool bringing together some of the style influences from the fashion, art and photography world, including Matthew Williamson himself. 
I have been lucky enough to take part at this style event on Thursday and Friday (13th and 14th of November) and I had loads of fun. I went (as always) with my fashion partner in crime Frances. We started with a launch party on Thursday night that was taking place at one of my favourite art stores in Liverpool Nook and Cranny on Bold street. Here we had a chance to see some of the work from new art and fashion talents as Wicker Wings, Sarah Rafferty and a few more. The atmosphere was great as there were loads of other bloggers, journalists and other arty or fashion-y people. It was all a great change after my lonely evenings at home and wearing a fancy clothes instead of PJs was a great feeling as well. 
 And then on Friday we went for an Influence of Style expo where you had a chance to take part at seminar talks and then browse through exhibition of some great brands and stores as Nook and Cranny, The Leather Satchel co, Illamasqua, MATALAN, The Body Shop and many many more. It was great chance to see a few of the best pieces from brands, stores and we also had a chance to get our hair or make-up done by professionals who even gave you a few tips on what and how to do. 
I tried my FIRST cake pop, we had our portraits done by lovely Rheannon Ormond from Nook and Cranny, we chatted with some lovely people from MATALA about their Alphabet Scarves for Alder Hey Charity support and took a scarfie selfie. After that we used a opportunity to get our make-up done by Benefit makeup artists. I personally talked with my "make-up lady" about every single product she used on me and she had a few great recommends for me (make-up and carrier wise) which I am super grateful for. Oh and the best part was probably when I stood a few meters from Matthew Williamson. Even seeing such big person from fashion industry in person was surreal and then seeing how down to earth he is.... oh wow. 
 Over all I had a great time meeting new bloggers and people from the industry I adore the most (art and fashion). We did have some troubles getting to the Fridays exhibition and finding it, but I guess it was our own lack of luck. 
As last I´d like to thank Frances and the whole COStyle team for making these two days of my life so nice and for giving me a goody bag :) . 

Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest loves!
DeniVev :*

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