Wish I wore : Hot

These are few outfits I think would be pretty damn hot. And on trend! The only difference in this WIW and all the others is that I didn´t care about the prices. Usually I make this post using clothing pieces I could actually buy and I would pay for. This time I let my mind go loose ahah. So I know that I will never ever get most of these items. But I, it is called Wish I wore for a reason ;) 

On this first outfit I felt in love with trainers. And then the rest just felt in place I guess. This is something I would so wear for a classy day out. Especially now since it is finally so nice and sunny out. Lovin the color combo.
It would have to be slightly warmer for me to wear one of these but oh hey! I am on a hunt for a new denim jacket cause I am so sick of my old one. Also I never ever like this army green. Or any green to be honest. But you know what?! I am actually thinking of getting a lot of it for spring. 

This one is deffinitelly the most classy and fashionista like out of all three. And fun thing is that I am obsessed with every single one of these pieces. I put them together just to try it out after I had all of these items on my wishlist. Suddenly I saw a great outfit getting formed. Love the colors too.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you ever plan out outfits like these? I know you day dream bout yourself in clothes you dont even own ;) Admit it ahaha
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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