All Covered Up

You have to be properly covered up and bundled up here in England lately, otherwise you´d freeze! Your ass would be ice cold! Yea that sentence really was a necessary statement. 

Who knew that I will be freezing cold in Liverpool and I´d be running away from hale. Which is as close to snow as we got so far. Now I do like a winter, but when I have to be taking buses everywhere , which includes long waiting times and walking longer distances in this weather... let´s say I am getting annoyed! 
Okay, yes, as everything this also has a bright side. I can layer! I can weather multiple pieces of clothes to keep me warm. Oh and biiig scarfs are essential! Which I can´t complain about cause I love those.
If you ever seen my pinterest boards you know I am into winter wear. I mean it is more fun to be putting together all these pieces of clothing then just putting simple summer dress on. I know you agree with me!
What type are you? Summer? Winter? 

outfit details: classic PRIMARK jeans, shoes, bag, coat and scarf. So original of me right?!

On a more serious note. What is wrong with this weather. Like seriously?! Ahaha

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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