Those Wanderlusters

I am obsessed with traveling! My first half year of 2015 actually consisted of loads of traveling thank of my work. My summer has not been as wanderlust-full as the 2014 summer though. But thank of internet I am able to relive some of the coolest traveling moments of some of the best vloggers I know.
And since I am sure there is a lot of you who are going through the same kind of summer as me, I want to share my favs with you.

As first I´d like to mention one and only Louis Cole from Fun For Louis, who has been a huge inspiration for many of us for years now. I mean, even my sister watches his vlogs and she is so not into whole youtube thing ahah. Louis always takes you places that make your heart skip a beat or leave you breathless. I am not being over dramatic! Trust me.
Then to switch it up a bit, this is a lady that doesn´t usually do vlogging videos and especially not that traveling type. But recently she had a chance to  go to Vancouver and it is pretty obvious she was obsessed. Lauren from LaurDIY surely enjoyed every second of her trip- I mean you can so see it in her vlog. And thank of her I can not wait when I travel up there myself.
Then back to official travel vlogger. It is a good friend of Louis -Ben Brown from Mr Ben Brown. His vlogs are soooooo beautiful. Real artistic, fun and make me feel so bad about me being sat in bed with a laptop on my lap and not going out. Still pretty damn worth checking him out.
This lady started her youtube purely as a hair styling platform full of tutorials. Mimi from everything Luxy and Mimi Ikonn travels all the time with her amazing husband. He always takes her to places we can dream of basically. And even if they don´t plan on vlogging they end up doing so every single time, cause they know all that beauty needs to be shared.
And I left a celebrity vlogger to the last. Now Shay Mitchell who is really known from Pretty Little Liars is not really a one man vloger but she still takes you via her youtube channel on her adventures. All I can say about her is that she makes me damn jealous every single time ahaha.
What about your summer?! Are you traveling and living your life to the fullest as I always suggest ? ;) Who are your favorite vloggers and what are your top 5 destinations I have to visit one day?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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