I have been the worst blogger and even vlogger in last two weeks. I just had a change of work and it meant getting used to new regime. So I got sooo tired, busy and sort of confused with my life I even forgot the fact that I always wanted my blog to be one of them priorities.
And now I´m sat on a sofa in my living room, drinking tea that is supposed to help with my cold, blowing my nose and feeling super discuss-ting. Yea I got sick. What a surprise.
Another "surprise"! I changed my hair color again ahah. Yea last photos on my blog show a slight change but this Saturday I died my hair to pretty strong ginger and I am obsessed. I actually really do like it. I wasn´t sure about doing this for such a long time but at the same time I was die-ing to go for it. SO I told my self "F it! Just do it!". SO I did.

I also had no idea what to share with you today guys, I still kind of don´t know what I am actually doing. Oh UPDATE! I will be starting a college next week. YAY ahah. I will give you more updates on that later.
So over all, I have been bloody tired lately. Wore a lot of black ahaha and did some chillin with my mates. Pretty good life don´t you think so?!
 What have you been up to? How is your life? Let me know! Let´s share our moments. Important or silly. All of them ahha. Feel free to find me on insta @DeniVev or even snapchat @DeniVev. I have been trying to get use to SC lately ahah.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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