My Sunny Wishlist

Hello beautiful faces!
Now I am sure that every single one of you have those moments when you are browsing some websites and suddenly you realize you are online shopping for over an hour and you already have like 200 items in your carts on every e-shop there is.
I do get that every now and then. And instead of actually buying something I decide to make myself a little wishlist (here on my blog) so I can see what I want and then just go and work for it.
Might be sad but I usually buy myself something either because of its suuuper duuuper low price or to treat myself for something.
So having a list like this is always a good idea.

1- dress from Nastydress.com, 2- perfume by Coco Chanel (Mademoiselle), 3-  Ombre pumps by Christian Louboutin (not sure if I´d be able to afford them for next at least two years though), 4- Longchamp tote bag has been my dream forever now, 5- playsuit from Evogues, 6-bralet from H&M
7- small Givenchy handbag, 8- black summer dress from sheinside.com, 9- headband from boohoo, 10- trainers from topshop, 11- jumpsuit from SheInside , 12- bra from H&M
13- playsuit from amourstylez, 14,15,16- maxi dress and two playsuit from sheinside.com
 17- jumpsuit (again) topshop, 18,19- sunnies from boohoo (cause I ain´t got enough), 20- shirt from zaful, 21- boohoo dress that I am obsessed with, 22- PINK loafers from topshop

What is on your wishlist? Have you already got any of these? Let me know in the comments bellow! Also if you are a blogger or you have vids on youtube - put link to the comments so we can all check you out!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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