Look and the Book for May

Hello beautiful faces! - I didn´t write that greeting for a while, did I?!
I few days back I uploaded a LookBook video to my youtube channel and since it got a nice amount of views I feel like it is just about time to share aaaall the details bout my outfits. So let´s get into it.
Oh and in case you haven´t seen the video... here you go ;)

In the LookBook I showed outfits that I wore lately and was obsessed with. I am trying to change up my looks a bit now so I don´t wear the same stuff all the time, but it is hard. Trust me ahah. 
#1 - Flower Barbie 
 Primark Jumpsuit and tights, SecondHand jacket, Claire´s Crown, Blogger Programme tote bag
My mom hates this jumpsuit but I felt like my wardrobe is missing some bright colors so when I saw this piece in a store, it was on extra super special sale and it fit me like a glow I knew we were meant to be. So it is part of my closet now. And you know how much I love my flower crown. I do feel like an edgy-boho version of chubby Barbie but HEY! Every girl wants to be a Barbie every now and then, right?! 

#2 - Barbie in da Club
 Primark everything + DIY clutch
I just realized that I shop in Primark waaay too much ahah. It happens pretty often that I am thinking about my outfit and I realize that I am a walking promo for Primark. They should pay me for that LOL. Anyways... this is more of a night time look using the jumpsuit. I personally would wear it for a date or night out with my gurlz. So comfy but still pretty classy. And I added heels for an extra sex-appeal.

#3- Mocha Dancer
 Primark dress and tights, Forever 21 blazer, Deichmann wedges, SheInside necklace.
That dress! I am so happy I bought them. They were such a good purchase! You can wear them basically for any occasion at any time. And I am obsessed with the blazer. I love the way it fits me and I mean THAT color. Blue is my absolute fav and this shade. Ah! :) And the wedges are the comfiest heels ever. Trust me! When I say that about heels it is more then true.

#4- Get Down for Overall
 Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit, Primark blazer, bag and tights, ShoeZone flats.
This jumpsuit is my fav piece in my closet. Not kidding! Love the color, cut, material... everything. When I was buying it I thought I´ll just step outside my comfort zone but now I could wear it 24/7. And that bag. Such a little cutie. I can fit in everything I need and don´t have to care about having a heavy bag. There is no chance of over packing it :D

#5- Keep it Neutral 
 NEW LOOK dress, Primark tights, Takko trench, Primark pumps, Kardashian bag
That dress. Such a nice fabric! Trench is my absolute fav and the bag. At first I just combined all my fav pieces and felt like it is too much. Am still not sure if I like the pieces together but at least you can see my fav neutral clothing/accessory pieces in one pic ahah.

#6 - Teach me How to Do Prints
Primark Pants and shoes, Cropp town Shirt, Blogger Programme tote bag, 
This is one of those more playful outfits. I like to combine stripes with other prints and here every piece of clothing actually has a print. But since it is the same color scheme it all somehow works together. I guess. And the bag. I use it almost all the time.

What do you think bout the outfits?! Where do you usually shop? Have you done your lookbook post or video? Leave a link in the comment or over on my facebook page or just share on any social media using #DeniLooks and we can all check it out.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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