Dutch Boxers

I am so not going to adress the whole drama about dutch braids or cornrows being now called NEW trend and boxer braids. We all know they were around for ever now so let´s leave it there.
Thing is I always loved them and wore them. This time since my hair is so short I went for something new and different. I decided to add extensions in to create bigger better effect and make them longer. YES I am sick of short hair and I have longer hair for like second day but I already got so many compliments on me suiting longer lenght. Oh dear haha.

I mean I am not looking as awesome in them as Kardashians or Rita Ora but I do try haha.

Did you give these a go?! What do you think of them? Ever tried them with extensions and experienced the headache when you cant sleep?! I know i did.

Unstil next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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