Flowers, Adulting and Stripes

It is hard to be an adult sometimes. We all know that. And you can´t always have it together can you?! I don´t think it is possible. Lately I tried to look like I am totally okay and have my ish together but....

If I enjoy something, if I love doing something and get the chance to do it- like my new job barbering- I just go all in. Means I´d be there everyday, all day. Might seem okay but it did drain me after a while. And if you are the same type as me- it is okay to admit you need a little time off. Even if it is just an hour. An hour for yourself. Sit, have a cuppa, food, catch up with friends. I guess we actually need that bit of time not to go insane.
Per usual I just go for walk with someone calming. Somewhere I can just breath and put my mind together. 
For all that you wanna look on point! haha no I am just messing. It is good to look good. I preffered lately to just be myself, wear what I want and look good for myself. Not trying for anyone. Not wanting to impress anyone but myself. Which really helps against the extra pressure since you are already kind of freaking out.

My outfit consists of a lot of my newest loves and obsessions. The bag is quick but great purchase from H&M, shirt H&M as well and I absolutely love it. Was less then 5 quid which is awesome and already wore it loads. Shorts used to be my fave jeans from Primark now they are my fave shorts. Sunnies are everyones fav Primaerk rose golds. Sweater to cover all fat lumbs haha is H&M. Shoes Deichmann decorated by lacey socks from MATALAN.
I´m freaking cool I know haha. Jokes.

Oh and don´t forget about the half up hairstyle so it seems like you tried even though you are just trying to mask that grease from two days ago. And don´t tell anyone but those sunnies are okay to be worn even without the sun out. You are a mess. Everyone is a mess. We all cover it. Haha. Just remember to love the mess you are.

If you want to see more of me on more regular bases add me on snapchat. Its denivev obviously ;) xx
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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