Lady Crushing

Hi there beautiful faces. Hope your weekend is going well so far. I mean you made it through monday and found time to come round to my blog to have a little read so it must be a pretty good one haha. 
As usual I was browsing internet, tumblr to be exact, and I came across a photo of this stunning lady. Curly afro hair in unusual blonde, face features I am well jealous of and style that already inspired me. So naturally I had to rush over here and share her with youse. I might be crushing a bit haha.

Let me introduce you to Kassala Holdsclaw.

I don´t want to spam you with all her photos. I really just wanted to share her name. Girl love is strong should be bigger around us.
Also make sure you check her insta. It is one of my fave "grams" now.

Who is your girl crush these days?! Anyone who inspires your style?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :

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