Loving this city

There are many places in the world I love and can´t stop going back to. One of them is Budapest. I will be going back there tomorrow for little wander round. And receantly I added another place to my list.. Prague. City of 100 towers.
First day we decided to have nice walk round. Vaclavske square, all the islands, old town, Charles bridge etc. Everywhere we could go just on our feet without passing out haha.
 Also I went for real comfortable and flowy outfit since it was pretty warm. Yes once it started raining a bit my shoes got bit wet but ay, I live in England so I´m pretty used to that haha. I wore dress from H&M, diy kimono from H&M scarf, Primark shoes and sunnies were from poundland. Best purchase from there I could make.

 Second day I wanted to see a dacing house so we started there, crossed a bridge and walked through whole hill towards Petrin, Hradcin, to Cathedral of Saint Vit and everywhere on that side. Then back to Prague one. My feet were killing since we spent all day walking. Even had to change my pink sneakers for new flats.
 I wore another awesome outfit. same kimono and sunnies as before. Dress from H&M, I originally bought for m y bday party and shoes from Deichmann. They completely ruined me feet haha.
 And third day. I was pretty damn excited even though my body hurted like I´m 50 year old grannie haha. We took metro to Pragues Zoo and oh dear those giraffes and elephants got me exciteeed. Then just few more places I even forgot names of. This was most chilled day I think.
 This was also the hottest day so I couldn´t bare wearing more then simple H&M dress that kept me cool. And poundland sunnies with new flats.
 One thing I loved the most was that evening walk by Vltava. Felt so calm and relaxed.
If you ever been to Prague you´ll understand the charm and magic of this place.
Where are you going this summer?
Until next time, keep safe and life your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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