I should not be allowed to write

That crisp air that makes your nose go red but doesn´t annoy you yet. Getting a hot chocolate at a cafe to take away, cause it is nice enough for you to walk around, but that warm drink does sort of help you out.
Wrapping your neck into a scarf and getting those sweaters out from the back of your closet. All that has happened in last few days. I was even being terrorized by loud families in stores trying to find Halloween costumes for their little ones. Or big ones. Either way you feel something in the air. It is that feeling I have mentioned in one of my previous posts.
Something is changing. For most people it is start of something new. Not just a start of new wardrobe. Cause we all now that no matter how much we shop each season, whenever next one comes along we go and buy completely new closet.
Oh and don´t even let me talk about them socks ahah. I actually had to start wearing them. And not just them little ones you wear in flats. Proper socks! I might be getting a bit dramatic but I am sure you know what I mean. 
I think I shouldn´t even be allowed to talk or write about fall anymore. But I am so excited about it every year! Can´t help myself! I even have artists I listen to mainly in fall, movies I love to watch especially at this time and it isn´t just Hocus Pocus! And obviously I have fashion trends and combinations that are my MUST at this transitional time.
Burgundy! Tartan! Junky knit! Beanies! Scarfs! Dark Lips! All of them is coming after me now. How am I supposed to stay calm and stop freaking about it! There is so much I can finally do and wear. I can even wear my fedora now without getting them sweat streams running down my forehead ahah.
 On another note. All the photos in this post had been shot last weekend when I went for a traditional Sunday walk with my dad. I feel like most of my outdoor photos are from these walks! Oh, well! I thought of an idea the other day after I found some galleries in Liverpool that I haven´t been to yet. I decided to take my dad into every single one of them in next couple of weeks. Why not! We both love art, history and walks. So we wandered round certain part of Liverpool- Aighburth and Sefton park area, we fantasized about living in one of those huge classic British houses that probably belonged to some Sir or Lord back in a day. And somehow we found our way into Sudley House. It is a gallery with pieces by George Holt, J.M.W. Turner, Joshua Raynolds and few more. As I mentioned we love art and history so this was a great change of our usual program of wandering in city center and in stores.

I would definitely recommend visiting Sudley house. Even if you have kids or dogs. The place is super family friendly. No strict rules, you can feel free to touch furniture that is displayed, entry is free, there is a field and gardens all around for your kids to run around, dogs allowed as long as they are on the leash, cafe downstairs has amazing freshly grounded coffee.... 

As far as my outfit goes - I usually make these posts from weekends into sort of OOTD but often forget to mention what I´m wearing, so- I want for casual, comfy and fall appropriate outfit. My Primark black jeans became a must in my closet, they are high wasted so I can freely wear shorter shirt or sweaters without being scared of muffin top. Trainers are also Primark purchase as well as my favorite scarf. I got my tartan love last year for 6 quid and I couldn´t choose any better scarf. It has two different patterns and keeps you extra warm. Burgundy see through button up is from KIK probably two years ago. I have always loved this one. There are sooo many ways I can style it. #obsessed ahah. I did wear black tank top underneath just for extra protection from that crispy air I have mentioned. This sweater you had a chance to see few times already is from C&A. My mom and sister got it for me as a gift and it only shows how well they now me. I wear it at least every other day now. And this bag became my go to! Best Second hand purchase after my denim jacket. Real leather cross body bag is from British Heart Foundation charity store. I payed 5quid which is bargain for such quality, versatile and classy piece.

 What have you been up to lately? I know that you either love or hate fall! It is the same with tartan, leather... So do let me know in the comments bellow what are your thoughts! Maybe I´ll change your mind ;)
Thanks for reading! I really appreciate every single one of you, that read my blog. Either you are a new visitor or you are my loyal one. This might be my "little" hobby that I have for almost 6 years now, but I really can´t imagine not writing for yous anymore. So thank you.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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