Ladies and Hoties

I have already done a few posts about women that inspire me or that I think are absolutely stunning! Basically about those who I am blooody jealous of ahah. And here is another one. You have already seen a few of these ladies here but lately I found something so pretty and inspiring in style of many others I decided t make a short list a share with you.
Sooo, these are my current female crushes ahah.

I ´d like to start with four brunette beauties.
I wrote about Lilly Collins in January I believe and I still think that she is gorgeous. Her red carpet looks are one of a kind and don´t even make me start talking bout her hair. She is one of those who are making me think about cutting my hair again. 

Yes, I do think that Dakota Johnson is super hot! I have seen her before her 50 shades of grey moment but never really realized how pretty she is. Lately I have seen a lot of interview with her and her humor is so my cup of style. 
I know Phoebe Tonkin ever since her disney career started and I always thought she was pretty but since I started watching The Originals I became a real fan of hers. In my opinion Phoebe is a great actor and I am soooo jealous of her vice. Yes, voice!
I thought that Kristen Stewart is a beautiful woman since the very first time I saw Twilight and I didn´t change my mind ever since. I think that the fact that she is totally different then all the other celebrities is one of the reasons everyone loves her. And for me the fact she has such a nice face is a bonus. Plus I am super jealous of the fact she can rock that pixie hair cut!
Now n to the blondies....
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is obviously a beautiful woman. She would not be a model and VS Angel if she wasn´t right?! But what made me like her lately is her haircut -that is real similar to mine by the way- but also her nice full lips. Made me love my lips and realize that ,that is my fav part of my body. Weird but I think that something as simple as full lips with nice red lipstick can be hotter and more attractive then a naked woman. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so. 
Now there is something so special about Behati Prinsloo. I am not sure if it is the way she laughs or the fact that she is just funny. Such a cool and down to earth lady even though she is one of the prettiest VS Angels and married to Adam Levine. She is still totally okay with going out of the house in sweats and make-up free face. Love her.
Margot Robbie is one of the prettiest blondes ever! To be honest, if I was a male I would be looking for a woman like her. Is that TMI?! Oh well! All I want to say about Margot is that I NEED HER HAIR! done. 

Do you have any female crushes?! Do you sometimes see a woman and go wow she is sooo pretty?! Or is it just me?
Oh well.....
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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