Chilling like A Villain

Hello lovelies! How was your week? Can You believe that it is almost end of April? And it is sunny almost every day now! I mean how happy does that make you? I defo makes me suuuper happy.
I thought I´ll share a few details of my outfit I wore for party last night . I mean why not right? Plus I totally loved my outfit. This time I totally stepped outside my comfort zone and went for jumpsuit, pointy flats and even a headband!

I got myself my first ever jumpsuit that has shorts and I am so happy I did. Wasn´t sure about it when I was trying it out in store -Dorothy Perkins- but then I though ´why the hell not!´so I got it and I partied like rockstar. ahaha! Not that much but pretty similarly :)
These stunning ones are new as well! How pretty are they! I used to own a pair of pointy flats but they were so simple! Beige and matt. These are so out there! What is not to like bout them?! I don´t know! Weren´t the most comfy to wear on a night out since they were new and real hard on my feet but they had so much attention from basically everyone! Plus me and my friend agreed that these are like me in a pair of shoes. Literally!
I decided to pair my jumpsuit with a black blazer for extra layer since it still isn´t too warm. I even had black tights on cause even though I am confident enough to wear short I still don´t like my whole leg to be showing. Then I added my DIY clutch and a silver headband. Just for extra touch!
Please, ignore the mess that is called my room. I got from business trip and just quickly changed ahah.
As every weekend I spent most of my time in SOHO on concert square! They just play the best music to dance to. Bit of Nicki Minaj, OMI -that I am obsessed with right now-, some Beyonce aka Queen B, Flo-Rida, Tinie Tempah even Britney Spears every now and then. They play it all and drinks aren´t that expensive either. In case you drink obv! Me and my blonde friend don´t really drink but in case you do go a head!
And as far as make- up goes I wore my basic look just added winked eye liner, bit darker eye shadow to the outer corner and red lips.

What have you been up to?! Where do you live: Where do you party? What do you usually wear?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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