Beauty & the Cannes

We all know about film festival in Cannes. It is one of THE Events in this industry. And I personally love seeing all those beautiful gowns that celebrities wear. I would say that this and Oscars are my 2 favs.
So I just want to share a few of my favourites from this weeks festival. I hope you enjoy...
 As you can see, so far Blake Lively is my top. She always had an amazing style but lately... she caught my fashion part of heart and I can´t get enough of her.. ahhah
 I love how vintage and bling these dress are. And adding that red lipstick is like a cherry on top of a cake.
 Huuuuge skirts has never been my cup of tea, but I sooo wish I could get myself into these dress.
  I love blue colour, especially on blondies. And that little cheeky sheer is sooo ..yay! And that bling on top...

And yeah that is it for today. There will be hopefully more coming soon :)
DeniVev :*

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