kiss your valentine

RED.- One of the classiest lip colors, flirtiest and most valentine appropriate. I have loved red lip since I was an youngster. Tried different brands, shades and combinations. Currently I have one TOP mix of products and what a better time to share it with you, then on the Valentine' s day week?! 

I have owned a NYX lip cream for a while now and loved the feel and super long lasting of it.  I was sent a LOC lip stick in my latest birch box and addingit under the lip cream... oh me, oh my. Loved the finished look. Very bright, not too red, no orange tones, no extra pink shades or nothing. Just clean redness beauty.

As I have also worn this combination a few times now, I really know it lasts ages. One extra thing I love is how moisturizing the lip cream feels. Well worth giving it a go. Oh and they are so easily affordable. Both are for less then 8 pounds.
Are you a fav of bold lips? Is red your favorite? Let me know.
Check out my insta @DeniVev and give me a little comment saying what your fav lip product is.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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