Bbb-Birch Box numero One

If you have been my reader for a while, you know that a 'Me time' is real important for me. It is my way of cleansing not only a body but also mind. Switching off and only focusing on myself. Trying out new products, feeling how tight or cold a face mask gets, how soft or rough the skin is or anything else that is - me, me, me! Being bit selfish for a while. As I pamper my clients all day everyday at work, this is sure well deserved haha.
So, I gave myself a rule. In 2018 I have to try new stuff and take care of myself. My body, beauty, health and mental state. As a start I decided to finally get myself onto a Birchbox trend. I have been thinking of ordering a monthly subscription that it offers for a while. And as a combination of my plans and new rule, this seemed like the best time.

As first box, I have received the December one including a little present. Thanks to timing I was able to get 5 pounds off of my first order. Boxes are delivered rather quickly and there are loads of sales, special offers etc, you are always treated like extra queen that you are haha.
One of my favorite things about Birchbox is, that at signing up you can actually personalize, what you are most interested in. Beauty, Hair, make-up, fashion or snacks maybe. Choose which you like, multiple or just one. And based on that they decide on you box. Thanks to that you and your friends may actually have totally different orders. Isn' t that fun? And I know I sound like I am getting paid for this, lol, I wish I was. I just really am happy. And it is only the first box. Let' s see how I feel in few months.

In this box I had a great mix of beauty, make-up, body and hair care. 1) full size lipstick, 2) body scrub, 3) clarifying shampoo, 4) Clay face mask, 5) spectrum blender brush
Nice mix. Lipstick was actually a little gift I had a chance to choose. Out of all the things I definitely loved what they sent me. But clarifying shampoo, that would be great if I wasn' t a blondie trying to keep the tone of my hair just as it is. The only shampoo I use is silver or extra nourishing. Oh and the brush is great but not theee best I ever had.

If you know me, you know statement lips are my fav make- up trend. So this LOC lippy is perfect addition to my collection. Also it lasts so damn long. See the swatch? It took 2 showers with my body scrub for it to come off completely. Great, ha?
Face mask is lovely too. I am sure i need to use it more then once to see the long lasting effect but on first try, skin was smooth and silky. 

  Body scrub. Oh dear. This was my favorite. Caramelized honey ? Yes please. I always knew my skin is unnaturally soft and smooth, after using this though I swear it felt like babys bottom. I am telling you! Give this a go and you would not regret. Smells amazing, super easy to use and the result is seen right away. 

Have you tried birchbox before? Are you subscribing already? You ever tried any of these products? Let me know what you think. Would you be interested in seeing all my boxes and little reviews? My january has already arrived so as soon as I give it a go I can write review.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.

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