This makes me feel like a child

Every year it comes down to this day. Christmas Eve. The only day, when I feel like that little excited girl, waiting for diner and presents. The moment I sit down by the tree I feel that same De Ja Vu of all the previous times, I have been at the same spot and all lovely memories, which tie to it. Obviously older I get I have slightly new meaning to this. 
As of this year, the presents, had least value to me. I mean I got some and they were all absolutely awesome. Couldn´t be any more grateful. But that wasn´t what I was looking forward to. I wanted to see smile on my families faces. Happines thanks to gifts I gave them and thought I have put into them. Being together- just the four of us, possibly for the last time. From now on things will probably change. Me and my sister, we grow and bring more members to our family now. So it will never be the same. I really wanted to feel this so familiar moment and cherish it.

I am sure, we all go through this same stage once in our life. I actually can´t wait to see where it all takes me. Growing old, adding members, puppy I hope, new home and even traditions. I am pretty excited about all that to come. But for now, super thankfull for everythings that has happened. SO here I bring you some of my previous moments.


2001 i think

How was your Christmas? Have you been with a big family or just friends, your partner perhaps.
What is your favorite part of this festive season?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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