Insta Insprirations for days

I am well more then a daily instagram user. In another words, my face is glued to this app. Like a lot. Too much actually. And my following accounts are usually anywhere between 250 to 450 so there is loads to get inspired from. Yet I still manage to find only those few I feel for a little more every now and again.
These are my picks this week.
Alanna is beautiful mixed lady, model, mum, wife and little hair genius too. If you arent too into her outfits (which sounds like non sense to me) you will sure enjoy her little hair tutorial vids.

Caitlin is truly amazing hairstylist. Her colors are to die for. Like seriously the skill! If you are from our porfession or just love to see those stunning creations make sure too check her out. 

Luiz. What a talent. I get real jelous seeing the gold he comes up with. Either creates double exposure or makes me feel super warm and cosy with every shot he makes.  

 Oh Karolina! Killin me! Georgeous lady, nice style and trust me, if you are unsure on next makeup looks- check her out!

What are your fave accounts these days?!
Let me know.

Until next time , keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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