Grown Up Talk

Life is fucking hard. Adulting sucks. Waking up every day knowing you have to rush off to work, make money, deal with people you wouldn' t necessarily wanna talk to any other day, listening to everyone's problems and then going back home starving and exhausted. Second you get your pay check, all the numbers fly off to god knows where and you are back to stage 1. Isn' t that your dream life?

I love my job. I am crazy happy that my childhood expectation of fun day is actually my now every work day. But it is the same struggle too. It repeats itself over and over till I drop in bed. We all know the drill. As a hairdresser you take care of people. I call it an alternative way of carers job. You get people down, ask whats wrong, what they want and need, try your best making them happy, listen to their life stories, troubles, etc. If you decide they deserve it you offer them tea and biscuit. Or if they are too much and you need them to just shut up for a bit. It really isn' t all fun. At the end of a shift you really are physically and mentally drained.
Then to top it off you get occasional lady or gent that no matter what won' t be happy with your service. Now that can really drag you down. After all that people still expect you to be good fam and friend.
I am an emotional and stress ball guys! Get it?! Do you know why most bartenders drink or take drugs on their shifts? Cause they go through similar shit just for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. I get minimum of 20 long minutes.

As much as I complain , it still is my dream job and I wouldn' t change it for anything unless I really had to. But maybe next time you sit in that chair, think of my words. Or dear family and friends, be aware... next time I behave like a bitch, you probably had nothing to do with it. Might of been that gentleman that wanted a skin fade but as soon as I gave him a 1 on sides he got tears in eyes and felt the regret and gave me a long talk bout what a horrible human I am.
Much Love

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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