Maya found her inner GAGA

A few weeks ago I had an assessment in college. It was my last project to do so I was very excited. My joy was multiplied by the fact, that I could create any Avant Garde look for photoshoot and get my inspiration from anywhere. Meaning I am in full charge of hair, make-up, styling and photography. That is my dream.
Me loving beauty and seeing something wonderful in everyone i started thinking. Where do I get inspiration from. But more importantly, who will be my model? Oh I know!!! I know!!! Maya! My gorgeous crazy mate. From there on inspiration was easy. As I though of Avant Garde I just saw her face. Her unusual face full of genius ideas. Lady Gaga ladies and gents!

More precisely a photoshoot she did for V magazine in Japan a while back. Very colorful yet monochromatic. Crazy and out there yet glamorous and soft. Just genius. The feeling I always get looking at these photos is, maybe she is trying to show us something I believe to have myself. More faces of an individual. This is not meant in a mean or psychological way. In creative and artsy meaning. 

As you can see on photograph above (my gorgeous mood board) I wanted to show multiple creative sides of Gaga and keep it me and true to the shoot I already mentioned. I combined my favorites: shape of a beautiful butterfly smudged on one side of face, glamorous eye with ready lip, signature retro wave in her hair and oh so charming long  ponys.

 Choosing my Maya for this project was also one of best ideas I had. Her unusual hairstyle and super photogenic persona made it almost too easy to work with. So make sure you get used to her. I plan on keeping her around.

What do you think guys? Have I done good enough of a job?
I was pretty damn pleased with myself. I guess that is a reason I decided to share these on here. I don' t usually upload anything to do with my studies or work. Not yet. Hint Hint?! You bet.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :|

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