Gotta work more now

So you definitelly noticed I haven´t been too active on here lately. Sorry kids. I have been pretty busy traveling, with college, work etc. And to be fair I was also just trying to stay off of internet for a bit. Only thing I did was talked to friends on social medias or watched shows online. And even that not too often. Weird isnt it haha. Doesn´t sound like me. 
But ay my Birthday is coming up! I can´t explain how I feel. Seriously. For all my UK friends, imagine the feeling you had when you were turning 21. Yeah thats how Slovakian feels on their 20th. Scared of getting old. But then I am feeling more mature then I actually am. Not to be weird but I was also told I seem older then I am. And I ain´t talking bout looks. We all know I look like 17 haha. 

Talking bout my bday, I have been asked soooo many times in last month what I´d like to get as a gift. Now I have a question for all of you. Can you possibly answer your parents -or anyone really- when they ask you such question?  Older I get harder I can think of something materialistic I´d like from others. Like yea it is nice to get presents but the things I wanted or needed lately had become something I wanna get for myself or invest into as "an adult". That is normal right?!
I remember making these birthday wishlists a while back. You know when I was still turning something-teen. And I thought I´ll try to put down things I would like to have in my life. You know the materialistic once. Not actually wanting someone to get them, just to see how much harder I have to work to actually get there haha. So let´s see....

First up, you all know my love for anything to do with photography and old stuff. So mix it together and it is obvious my heart is aching for an instant camera. Urban Outfiters have one I really adore.

I found this piece for your interior the other day. Just a simple display that said ´Cute, But psycho, But cute!´ and for some reason I can´t stop thinking of it haha. Guess it sums up me so I really need it in my room as warning for everyone haha. The only thinking I have to do now is- Do it buy it or do I make it?!

Then something I have my mind set on for a while now, sewing machine. I always loved creating stuff, sewing, fashion , clothes.... Obviously. Most of you do know it. But for last few months I really really really craved doing something. I am so sure I´m gonna get myself one of these bad boys just so unsure what is the best type. Suggestions?! 

If that doesn´t make me seem like an old lady then this might. It isn´t something I am going to get any time soon. I really want to wait till I have my own place- since there is no safe space for it now ahha- but I love old gramophones and record players. I am not sure how vintage and retro I wanna go though. Maybe just a new modern version? I know there are loads too choose from. I also came across one on Urban Outfitters.... hmm.

Oh and ... ooooh I keep thinking bout this baby. If you don´t know I am a hairstylist now. Women´s and men´s and what I am so going to buy as soon as possible are some WAHL clippers. The sound of them. The easy work... love them. Oh and fine liners. Of course hahah.
Wow what an interesting person I am. Now those are just few things my heart is craving like. I am not going to the fashion department haha. If I showed you all the bags and dresses I´ve seen lately and can´t stop thinking bout we´d be here a while haha.
When is your birthday? Are you a summer child? Do you have same "problems" like me?! haha
 Until next time loves, keep safe and live your life to the fullest

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