You know I like changing up my hair color all the time. I mean I figured since I am still not even a 20 year old- which kinda means in my mind I am not a proper adult yet, but I do get to make some life choices on my own- it is okay for me to try out things. Also I am in fashion industry in a way. I am meant to be called junior hair stylist so I do have to show my clients not to be scared of testing new things or trends. Well that is how I see it anyways. 

It is less then a month into 2016 and I already went through three bigger hair color changes. Today I wanted to show you what I used to get my hair from ginger to lavender pink. Sounds alright?!
To get from Copper to blonde I used Jerome Russel hair bleach. Yes hairstylists say box die is a killer but I find it works the same anyways.
After one application I got to nice shade of blonde, just brassy and yellow. As you would when you bleach the hair. Then I used a Jerome Russel hair toner and I loved my super light blonde.

So as long as I liked the blonde I wanted to go purple for so long. I really thought of trying lilac or lavender so I got a CRAZY COLOR in Lavender -since the swatch looked real great- and applied that on. LOVED to color.

It did turn out more pink then I expected but I was diggin it. Maybe it was cause I was pink so many times before it felt right. Maybe I am made to be pink. Maybe.
What do you think? Have you ever used crazy color hair dye before? This was my first time and as far as I love the color it didn´t last for too long on me. It is semi-permanent color so it is meant to wash out but for me it lasted for one wash. But then my hair does not stick to one semi for too long, so that might be reason why.

So please do let me know in the comments bellow if you´d ever go this color and what other products or colors you think I should try.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest

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