Do what you want to do

That should not be an option for me! Well, I mean I love doing whatever I want to but sometimes I should have someone telling me that the length or amount of layers I wear is not appropriate for a weather outside. Cause I definitely overestimated that sun I have seen a few days ago. Deni! Sunny doesn´t necessary mean warm!

And wearing loads of layers really doesn´t help if one of them is missing long sleeves or has shorts instead of long pants ahaha. Also boots would be a good idea, but NO! Trainers are comfier. Oh Deni! 

Outfit details: Jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins! One of the best 20 quid I ever spent. Primark tights and leather jacket is an essential of mine. Sweater is from H&M and really doesn´t help with warmth but it does add a nice layered touch :D Basically the only thing that keeps me warm is Primark blanket scarf that I can´t live without. Shoes are also from Primark just like a bag. Oh and those sunnies. I absolutely love them. They are so simple and were only from Poundland. 
 I also wanted to ask you! Do you ever go by a building and think to yourself "Who can live there?" , "Is there a flat? Office? Dance studio?" etc. I always do so. Or I imagine what it might looks like from inside and how I would decorate it and do all those fun things.
Let me know your thoughts in comments bellow.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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