Wingin It

If you have been around on my blog for a little while, you have noticed that winged eye liner has become a huge must in my everyday make-up routine. It makes your eye bigger, brighter and pop. If you can nail it, your whole look is just a bit more extra and makes you seem more put together. Always a bonus right? 
For that you need a real good liner. Good product, bit of patience and practice is going to get you to that next level. As I am a bit of a freak for this little trend, i have tried far too many different products and brands, so I am kind of a know it all haha.
Lately I have been having real bad luck though. Every product I had was either too runny, dried crazy quick or the brush was a whoooop. Nothing seemed to have worked. Then I received my latest birchbox and the winging game has been changed .

Eyeko London skinny eye liner is officially the best make-up product I have used so far. Nice little size and the brush is just like a sharpie. The hard little edge makes it super easy to use and there is just perfect amount of product coming out of the tip as well. If you are looking for something to make your routine quicker or you are struggling to perfect your line, this is where it all at. 

Whether you want to go for subttle thin line or thicker grunge look it works. Or add some lashes on there and you are insta readyyy. 
Have you ever tried this brand or actual eye liner? Is it your go to look too?
Let me know,
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :* 

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