Bad Gal like Bratz

One of my favorite features at anyone are the eyes. As a hairdresser it is something I have to notice on daily bases and making them stand out is pretty much my job. So you can imagine when I get to do my makeup- this is something I really like to focus on. As little girl I loved the Bratz dolls and I guess I am trying to take a little inspiration from them now that I get to doll myself up. Big eyes, bright and often colorfull. It really makes my face look all cute and dolly I guess.

One of the key things for this is a great mascara. The one I am pretty obsessed with is benefit' s Bad Gal. Makes lashes look longer, voluminous and gorgeous. Now it has one little thing , I am not sure about. Might be just my bottle, I will have to look into that, but it is kinda hard to take it off at the end of a day. It is pretty great though, when you think about it, just means it lasts well right?

Have you tried it? Is it just my bottle that is little hard to take off or is it an advantage they tried to go for? What is your fav?
Also, how many of you use fake strip lashes? I tried to stay away from them for a while but am so tempted to wear them again.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest

DeniVev :*

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